Purple Panties and why Purple Lipstick is Always a Yes!

Hi We Winers!

I’m Keren, that’s the Kbear of the trio. Welcome to our woes of women who waste wonderful weekends washing down our woeful weeks with fine wine! OK, I tried,  but I don’t think I can keep the alliteration theme going too long.

To briefly introduce myself; here is me whilst wining on a punt (wining and punting is a must-do).

Putting with wineK-Wine

I drum, I photograph, and I wife and I wine in exactly that order. OK….. maybe not exactly that order, but that’s the gist of it. We want to invite you into the world of wine and wonderings that we find ourselves a part of, and hopefully savvy you up on your wine knowledge along the way. First Wine101; turns out red and white together DO NOT a rosé make, though we’re more than happy to try it out if you want us to, let us know – the wine-glass is in your court We Winers!

Lastly, the answer to why purple lipstick is always a yes is evident in the picture below…

Purple Lipstick Wine

promise I will divulge the story to the purple knickers headline before the end of the year, call it a seasonal treat, but for now I will just say I am very much the Bridget Jones of the pack…. I will be blogging on the life that entails in general AND inviting you to share your stories, life-hacks and embarrassing moments with us all too!


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