LIVING IN A FAIRYTALE – Just don’t mention Hansel.


It started from an early age, as you can see. That’s me, at three weeks old. A wewinewoman before I could even stand, who woulda thought!


My real name is Gretel, but everyone calls me Grey. Mainly because having to explain to everyone that I don’t have a brother called Hansel started to get old. In fact I’ve never met, and never want to meet, anyone called Hansel. But I did come close once. On Tinder (swiped left SO quickly).

But that’s another story. Of which I’m sure I’ll be telling a few. I’m the only single wewinewoman, so I’ll be discussing all dating fiascos, successes and failures. Hey, maybe we could even set me some tasks? Write in, let us know! I heard there was some speed dating thing a few months ago where everyone wore paper bags on their heads. There was also a “pizza speed tasting”. Like speed dating. But with pizza. That’s my kinda deal.

I mainly love to read books and watch films, so you’ll be sure to hear of my opinions there. And of course, I’ll be drinking wine and most probably acting out a few scenes myself. Watch this (blurry) space.

So get on down to Greytown and come on an adventure with me! It’s morphin time!

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  1. drakeslastfriend July 28, 2016 — 6:07 pm


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