Why We Wine

We Wine LadiesBecause it’s as good a question as any & because it begins and ends with wine.

From inception to first ‘business’ meeting it’s been our inspiration, and so we salute you wine (and buttermilk chicken) for really being on this journey with us.

We are Grey, Kbear and Shay, so grab a cup of tea (or glass of wine more likely) and have a gander!



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  1. So I´m currently working on a project that I have for an app and I was looking at websites that are using the name I wanted to use for this new venture of mine (you guessed it, WeWine). And I came across with two sites: a czech site (http://www.wewine.cz/) that I believe is about catering and photography for weddings or something in those lines, and your site. This is awesome. I dont want to come across a weirdo or anything, but I just thought I could share this with you guys. By the way, I also ran my first half marathon last year! I never ran so many miles before, the most I’ve done was 10K, so all I can tell you, Gray, is that you got this! I know.. running and swimming are completely different, but hey, if you set yourself a goal with time, you’ll do it!

    Ok, I’m gonna stop creeping the blog, but I might subscribe (can you subscribe to a blog)

    Adios WeWine amigas!


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