Chapter 28

On Sunday I turn 29. And aside from the obvious poop-show that 2016 has been, this year of being 28 has been pretty wonderful for me. It has been full of positivity, learning, and appreciation. So I thought I’d write a list of 28 things that made an impact throughout the year of being 28.

So here we go, in no particular order:

It’s better to keep the balloon up
Check out the last paragraph of this blog, and keep those balloons afloat!


Strong is better
Like many people, I find it incredibly easy to eat all the pizza and do nothing. But I started doing Body Pump this year and I love the feeling of getting strong. There’s something awesome about being able to pile a couple more kilos onto the bar and seeing muscles I never knew I had form.

There’s nothing like a real fire
Just the other week, Luke, Sam, Kat and I were hanging out playing games and Luke put a video of a roaring fireplace on youtube. That crackling popping sound was awesome…but it just wasn’t quite right! (I can’t WAIT for Christmas omg)

It’s good to switch off
We’re constantly surrounded by digital things. And I know that I’m guilty of waking up and looking straight at my phone. But I’ve been learning to switch off more and having technology breaks. It’s so good for the brain. And the eyes…

ctrl alt dlt works in real life too
This year has been all about change. The biggest being in the way I think of myself. And I realised that there were specific people in my life who weren’t so good for me, but I kept hanging on to. The other day I had an ‘epiphany’ and just deleted their numbers from my phone. It felt lame that that was all it took, but it also felt awesome and freeing.

I can achieve anything
As I just said above, the biggest change for me this 28th year has been really believing in myself, my confidence, my everything. And I have seen myself smash goals, do things I never thought I would, and keep on going.


My body is beautiful
This is the first time in my life that I can whole heartedly say that I love who I am and the body I am in. Yes there are still some days that I feel fat and I feel gross, but I appreciate everything my body does for me, and 99% of the time I look at myself and think dayuuummmmmmmmm.

Children are awesome
This year I got to meet La Touché’s nephews. Two teenaged boys who are just hilarious. And one of them is an amazing writer. He gave me a story he’d written because he wanted my opinions on it, and I was blown away. Children have such great views on things and imagination that I am so envious of.

Sometimes tech is good
Having long distant friends is really hard. But technology makes it a bit easier. When I haven’t been switching off, I’ve been putting it to good use. I’m thankful for things like FaceTime for allowing me to share moments with my friends who are hundreds of thousands of miles away.

There’s so much I don’t know (and that’s cool)
I started a new job this year and was terrified because although it’s still a copywriting position, it’s in a field that I am not overly familiar with. At first I was so overwhelmed and scared that I was doing a badly. But then I realised, they hired me knowing that I don’t have experience in this field. And I pick things up quickly. So it’s okay not to know everything, because learning, and asking people for help is always a good thing.

Last minute is fun
I had great plans this year to dress up as a slice of pizza for halloween. But then, very last minute, I decided to change my mind and go as 011 from Stranger Things (heyyy cliché!). So on the day of the event I raided as many kids departments along Oxford Street as I could and managed to find the perfect outfit. It was so fun!


Disco music can solve most things
If in doubt, dance it out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it many times again. Whack on a bit of disco and life is just perfect.

Brushed cotton bedsheets are good for the soul
Oh. Good. Lord. What the hell even was my life before brushed cotton came into my bedroom?! Seriously. I’ve never felt so snuggly and soft and ready to sleep soundly as I do between my brushed cotton goodness.

Always read the recipe
I’m just going to redirect you to this mess of a day we had, and encourage you all to read recipes properly…

Grilled mango is life-changing
This is actually something I learnt on a trip to NYC in 2014, but this summer I made sure to have fruit on every barbecue I went to. It’s just the greatest. I know it’s winter now, but I 100% recommend you go grill some right now.


Comfort zone schmomfort zone
My entire life has been spent being very shy, anxious and hating attention. I’ve been very used to my little bubble of comfort. But, year 28 has been different and I’ve been purposely trying to do more things that are out of my comfort zone to try and just live life a bit more adventurously. And so far, it’s been pretty damn fun!

Two is better than one
The creative journey I’ve been taking with my children’s picture book has been long and arduous, but I have a kickass creative partner who makes it a whole lot better.

Being a girl is tough
This year is the first time in eight years that I’ve had periods. And it has SUCKED. I got my contraceptive implant removed last November (for a bit of a break, eight years of constant hormones is a bit much) and my body has for sure been paying me back. I don’t know how my girl friends have been doing it all this time, I really don’t, but I sure as hell respect every single one of them that little bit more!

Writing lists helps
At work I write so many lists. Because first, organisation, and secondly, being able to cross things off throughout the day/week is SO satisfying.

Swedish air is unreal
Lyd and I went to Stockholm for a long weekend back in February and wow, I can’t explain just how incredible the air is there. Going in mid February was a worry for the both of us – what with it being FREEZING – but the air was so clean and crisp and fresh that it more than made up for cold toes.


A moon will never not make me happy
There have been so many magic moon moments this year and I can’t really explain why I love it so much. But any time I see a particularly big, bright, shiny or spooky looking moon up in the sky my heart does a little jump for joy.

Questions are the way forward
This year I started carrying a little notebook around with me and asked as many people as I could the Inside The Actor’s Studio questions and wrote down their answers. I think they’re such a great set of questions. And it’s so cool to get a bit of a different view of someone. (If I haven’t asked you already please leave a comment with your replies!)

Not every moment needs to be recorded
This is a bit of a continuation from learning to switch off. We live in a life of instant gratification and social media presence. Sometimes it feels like if we didn’t Gram it, then it never happened. And I’ve definitely fallen for that way of thinking more than once. But I’ve been trying more and more to just be present in the moment, take my phone out less, and just live it.

Gin fuelled dancing = bashed up knees
As if this wasn’t obvious anyway. But this year I’ve done so much dancing and woken up with so many unexplainable bruises…and I kind of love it. I feel like they’re little stories of the night, even if I don’t remember. So long may my knees be purple and my head gin filled.


The best takes are outtakes
Whilst Lyd was here in February we decided to make a video invitation for our NYC Dorm reunion next year. And it was hilarious. But whilst we were editing, some of the best bits were the outtakes. The times we just couldn’t stop laughing. I love these takes and look at them every time I’m feeling a little bit down. Instant happiness right there!

Dreams can come true 
When I left my job at TMP, my amazing team made my dreams come true and gave me a FREAKING MERMAID TAIL. I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s perfect…and super snuggly. I’m now one step closer to being a Disney princess and I couldn’t be happier.


Starting over is fun
As I’ve mentioned, I got a new job this year. And it is for sure the best thing to happen. I felt I needed a change for a while. And I was scared that I’d never find somewhere that really gave me what I wanted – mainly because I wasn’t actually sure what that was. But really, starting over was exactly what I needed, and wanted! And now I feel like my brain is working at a capacity I forgot it could. It’s an exciting new chapter and I’m very happy!

It pays to be like Leslie Knope
At the start of the year, I sat with La Touché and wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2016. I stuck a picture of Leslie Knope on one page and wrote “be more like Leslie”, because as far as fictional characters go, Leslie is my hero. She’s determined, ambitious, smart, funny, insecure, and just cool as f*ck (and she also has a penchant for scrapbooking, like ya girl here). And since deciding to be more like her, I’ve been smashing all the goals on the list!


So there you have it…the 28 things that made being 28.

I’m excited for Chapter 29…I guess all I can say is bring it on!




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  1. You’re the Knopest of Knopes! She’d be proud!


  2. Amazing post on how growing BN up changes you


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