praise you

*WARNING: This post is a sopfest*

It’s Friday afternoon. It’s August. It’s sunny. I recently got a new job. And I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty in a lot of things recently. Things are on the up for lil ol’ Grey!

So when I logged into wewine today and saw that the wordpress daily prompt of the day is Praise I knew I wanted to write something.

Just the other day I realised it has been almost one whole year since our Shay got married! And I was then just thinking about how long I’ve known both Shay and Kbear, and got filled with the most incredible gratitude and love for these two amazing babes. Friendships are wonderful, beautiful, extraordinary things. And I can’t explain properly how lucky I am to be friends with these magnificent women.


Shay was one of the first people I ever met at university. And I was not in a good way when I started. I had just gone through an awful breakup and was spiralling quite rapidly down towards a very dark hole in the ground. But Shay scooped me up, invited me to loads of parties (most of which I declined because I was too busy crying in bed lol) and generally made me feel awesome again. Then, when a girl moved out of her halls, she was straight on the chat to me and helped me get in her place. Right from the get go, my lil Shayface was like a guardian angel. From then on we lived together all through university and once we were done too. Getting to know this lady has been one of the most hilarious, rewarding and high spirited things of my life. Who else could I eat beanholes with, make video after video after video with, dance around in leotards to Beyonce with, snook in bed all day with, find hidden Winchester treasures and grow up into fully fledged creative business ladies with? No one but my Shay!


And then there’s sweet lil K-Bear. It’s funny to think now that we were all at university together but didn’t meet until the last year. It’s even funnier to think now that when we spent days hanging around Studio House we were all just friends…and now Shay and Kbear are sisters! Real sisters! It makes my heart so incredibly happy. When I first spent proper time with Kbear, it was at her hubbie’s sister’s wedding. Kbear and Alex’s relationship was pretty fresh, and I went to the wedding on my own…so I think we were both glad/relieved to have someone to limpet to! (There’s a whole other story from that wedding that you’ll have to ask Kbear about lololol) Kbear was such a breath of fresh air to our little studio life. She started dating Alex and her presence in our lives became the norm. One of the loveliest, kindest and hilarious people I have ever met. She’s an inspiration in many ways. And she’s for sure the best person to ever drink with – mainly because she only needs two sips of anything before she’s rolling around on the floor! Always a party!

These girls have solidified such a great part of my life and I am so grateful to know that they have been, and continue to be such an important part of my growth. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am, or who I am, had they not played a part in shaping me.

And now we have wewine. Sure, it’s sometimes hard to keep it up to date (we’re all very busy creative business ladies remember?) but it’s here. It’s something that connects us further. Not living in the same city as my babes sucks to be honest. I miss them always. But, it means when I go home it’s the MOST FUN. And I look forward to it all the time.

There are not many things better than finding people who genuinely make your life better. So, I want to say a big fat T H A N K Y O U to these cuties. You deserve the highest of praises, the happiest of loves, and the biggest bottles of wine – speaking of which, we should probably arrange me coming back to Winch soon…

I love you poops xxxx


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