cloud nine

When I was a kid, I used to play a game with my Dad in the garden. We’d sit on the grass, or in the hammock and play “hello birdy”. It’s about as complicated as you’d imagine. You stare at the sky, and whenever a bird crosses your eyeline, you say “hello birdy”. It’s one of those childhood memories that I look back on with such fondness, but also laugh at how completely mundane it is. What a great trick for parents to get their kids to behave for a bit – and I can only guess my Dad made up the game to stop my relentless questioning. Apparently I was one of those kids who just wanted to know about everything all the time. Which, to be fair, hasn’t changed much now that I’m an adult myself. I’m endlessly fascinated by everything around me.

But it got me thinking about those kind of moments. The ones that become so special or remembered, that really aren’t anything more than an every day thing.

One of my favourite things about us wewine girls is how comfortable we are to just hang out and do nothing. And, when Shay and I were going through uni living together, we spent endless days just lying in each other’s beds, or on the sofa, or in Little Italy, doing absolutely nothing. And those are the things I really treasure.


I don’t think there are many things nicer than lying outside on a summer day staring up at lazy clouds or peeking at your friends through blades of grass. If only Mother Nature would sort herself out right now because it is July and the summer we’re supposedly having feels a lot more like monsoon season!

I went on a night out a few months ago and started to annoy my friend because I was just sitting there, people watching and “not participating”. I tried to explain that I was having one of the best times I’ve had out in a long time because I was so happy just to watch my friends having fun. He didn’t really get it. But I think those moments are great. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the people I love, doing things that make them happy. I love to hear my friends talk about things they’re passionate about, or do something they’re skilled at – when my older bro Luke is home it’s so fun to be in the kitchen with him. He’s a chef, so watching him create things and throw together flavours is really fascinating.

They’re just the little things that make up life. That no one really thinks about. But they’re the things that also make life so much more worthwhile.

So I say, next time you’re walking to work have a look up. Check out the clouds. Or ask someone about something they love and really listen. Or hell, ask yourself! Just go appreciate the always-existent-but kind-of-non-existent things. And don’t forget to say hello birdy every now and again too.


Ps, a few months later my friend was in L.A. on a night out with a bunch of new people and just sat back and watched it all happen. The next time I saw him he simply said ‘I get it now. I totally get it.”


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  1. My goodness, how wonderful were the uni days spent lolling on the grass – better than the parties I think 🙂


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