turn the freakin light on

Dearest wewine readers, I’m here to confess something to you. A secret.

I am 28 years old.

And I

am scared of the dark.



Well. Actually. It’s not so much the dark itself. It’s more things in the dark. And then my ridiculous overactive imagination on top of that.

And I know exactly where it stems from. Prepare yourself for some real good self therapy here. That’s right, I reckon I should pay myself at least $500 for this.

I remember being very young, living in our first house and waking up one night absolutely convinced that someone was coming up the stairs. Being such a light sleeper, I knew what I was hearing was very clearly footsteps. And not only was this mysterious stranger coming up the stairs, but they were coming up the stairs to get me.


Somehow I managed to brave it and run full speed out of my bed towards the stairs (?!) and into my mum and dad’s room. Waking them up screaming I’m sure. There’s someone in the house and they’re coming to get me!!!

I clearly remember then being taken through the entire house…turning every single light on…to be shown that everything was stranger free.

The next night though? It happened again. And again. And again.

Poor lil Grey was absolutely terrified. And her poor lil brain was going mental with imagination. Was it a scary man? Was it the bogey monster? A dragon? A shark that had grown legs? Whatever it was, it lived in the dark and it was out to get me.

…It turns out that actually it was none of those things, but the water pipes cooling down during the night. And as they contracted, they creaked. Which sounded suspiciously like footsteps. To this day I stand by how similar it was.


But, it engrained a very real fear into my life that still all these years later, has not been shook. I can quite happily be in a house on my own throughout the day…but when it starts to get dark, you better believe I’m having all the lights on.

And if I have to go upstairs? Yeah, I will be finding the light switches first.

And it’s absolutely why I don’t watch horror films. Even if you sat me down first thing in the morning and made me watch something, and then we played in the sun all day long afterwards for hours, I can guarantee that as soon as I’m on my own, and t starts to get dark, IT WILL ALL COME TO LIFE IN MY HEAD.

Because the dark is terrifying. You can’t see anything, which means you can imagine EVERYTHING. All the worst things.


I’m getting scared just writing this to be honest. So let me throw it over to you. Are you part of the Scaredy Cat club too? Or am I out here on my own…in the dark…just…waiting to be eaten….




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  1. Great writing! I am absolutely terrified silly of spiders. I was bitten by one when I was young, and alI remember are strange distorted yellowish visions of my French hospital room. Apparently my leg was so black and swollen when I was admitted to A&E that the medics thought it was brocken. To this day I can’t even look at a picture of one without being haunted for days, and I avoid horror movies for the same reason.


    • Oh gosh that sounds very scary! It’s almost unfair that such a small thing can change you – I feel the same way about wasps and am always running and then gettin be annoyed that a tiny insect makes my heart feel like it’s going to explode!

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  2. I’m 60 and still afraid of the dark! I see faces in old tree trunks, hear noises, imagine all sorts of completely ridiculous things and, like you, never watch horror films. Scenes from the few I have seen years ago stayed with me far too long……

    But then the other night an electricity pole down the road exploded and caught fire. All the neighbours were out in the street and I slept through it – until woken by my husband in all the excitement!


    • Hahaha oh my gosh faces in things is such a real thing I swear! My dad used to tell me a story about a ghost (who ate toast) sitting on a lamppost outside my bedroom window when I was little. I blame him for all of this…!


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