When good eggs go bad…

We had so many plans for this Easter weekend. So many Pinterest based delicious looking and tasting plans. And we tried our gosh darn hardest. We just…well, we forgot to look at any recipes. Because really, we thought, what could go wrong?

A whole lot, apparently.

All we wanted to do was make cute little Marshmallow Rice Krispie Eggs. So we got what we thought we needed. Marshmallows and Rice Krispies. And some sprinkles. Surely that’s it, right?


Apparently you also need about 4 tablespoons of butter, but more on that in a bit.

So we chucked our marshmallows (minus two for tasting) into a pan and waited for them to melt. It took a while, we added a splash of milk to help it along, and it all seemed perfect. They started to become smooth and less ball like. They weren’t too gooey.

The next logical step was to add the Krispies and thats, well that’s where it all went a bit tits up. Apparently we should have added about 4 tbsp of butter…I guess to keep some moisture or lubricant or something? Because our concoction soon turned to what we described as chewing gum, hell on earth, quicksand and IT LOOKS LIKE SPIDERS WHYYY.

The marshmallows just became the stickiest things we have ever encountered.

But, not to admit defeat, we thought “hey, maybe they’re not actually as sticky as they look. Maybe if we rub a little flour on our hands we can still mould them into egg shapes…”


Big. Giant. Ridiculous mistake. They were just as, if not more sticky than before. There was no way they’d be egg formed. And now I had the horrendous task of trying to unstick my stuck together fingers.

I still have no idea how we managed to get some on a baking tray and some in cases, but we just tried our little hearts out and eventually collapsed in heaps of laughter. Laughter mixed with so many emotions, and covered in so much stick. Shay’s kitchen may never be the same again…

But hey, we got somewhere, eventually! And…they tasted pretty delicious! If you don’t mind your lips feeling a bit like superglue.

After all that, there was nothing else to do but crack open the (multiples bottles of) Prosecco and decorate our easter eggs – another really great success as you can see!

So what else can we say than Happy Easter to all of you beauts, enjoy this long weekend and stuff your face with all the chocs.

Until next time!


[Pink grapefruit prosecco was an absolute delight to drink alongside this baking!]


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  1. Hilarious!


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