Make your day a good one with these 5 simple tips.

Every day on my walk to work I say Good Morning to the lollypop man and every morning he tells me I ‘look happy today!’. It’s not something I even think about before he says it, but afterwards I realise without fail that I am happy this morning, and I think it’s only because I say Good Morning in the first place!

Confused? Don’t be! I’m here to tell you how to make your day that little bit better in 5 simple steps.

  1. Make the morning a good one.

Good Morning.gif
Feeling tired because you went to bed late last night?  Don’t let it ruin your morning, afterall today is full of possibilities, who knows what might happen! Conquer your tiredness by laughing before you get out of bed. I do it every morning! Not just at the wall like a lunatic mind, I call my dog over to play or read a website I know has uplifting stories on for 10 minutes before I get up.
Laugh in the face of tiredness ladies!
Next up is your commute to work. I dare you, yes, dare you to say Good Morning to at least one person on your way to work tomorrow. I guarantee it will make you feel happier!

2. Do something different.

One reason people get the weekday blues is the monotony. Get up, travel to work, work, lunch, work, travel home, dinner, sleep, repeat. The key is to break up the pattern & do something different every day. Whether that’s giving yourself something to look forward to (like the cinema) or simply trying a piece of fruit you’ve never heard of before!
Have you ever tried to draw a zebra? When’s the last time you did lunges while the kettle was boiling?
Our problem is being too adult, that’s when things get boring. Don’t let the days blend in to one. Imagine your week as a diary and make sure there is something different on every page, no matter how small.

3. Play hard while you’re working hard.

If you find your job less than fun it can be hard to find the motivation to get to the end of the day. But you’ll only feel more depressed if you coast along and do the bare minimum at the last minute. Make work fun, force it to be!
If you’re a list maker a great task to set yourself is to draw your tasks instead of writing them down, like personal pictionary. Everytime you look at the next its on the list you’ll smile, either because of the cute pictures or because you’re terrible at drawing….
While we’re on the subject of lists, I’m a big advocate of rewarding yourself … at every possible opportunity really! So when you tick off an time on your list, no matter how small the job was, reward yo’ self. Whether it’s with a 5 minute tea and biccy break, a creme egg or a 5 minute browse on pinterest. It’s all about the positive associations and you’ll find you’re more focussed when you give yourself little power breaks.

4. Stretch everywhere.

Stretching helps increase blood flow to the muscles which is why you feel refreshed after a really good one. It’s important to stop you getting stiff and achy if you’re sat at a desk for most of the day. If you can, take the opportunity at lunch time to stretch your legs and go for a walk. Even if you just walk around outside aimlessly for 20 minutes, your brain will love you for it and you’ll find you’re more focused when you get back to work.
I like to make sound effects when I stretch because I feel like it makes a stretch even better somehow and definitely wakes your brain up if you haven’t spoken in a while!

5. Smile through it.


A lot of people get angry at themselves if they make a mistake or if something goes wrong. Getting angry does less than nothing, it doesn’t make you feel better & it certainly doesn’t fix whatever just went wrong!
Instead a great habit to get into, is smiling or laughing at yourself when you screw up. Because you will, everybody does and the key is to recognise this fact – nobody died. If you can fix it, amazing! If you can’t? Apologise and move on/try and find a way to make amends.
Whatever you do, even if you have to fake it, smile! Even if your initial reaction would be to curse the world, smile and laugh at the stupid mistake and that is all the dwelling you’re allowed to do before fixing it.
This approach is far more productive, makes for a far nicer work environment and is consciously removing stress from your life. Sounds lovely!

Hope you all have a lovely week with the help of my little tips of happiness. Let me know if you try any of them out!







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  1. Love these tips. Excellent advice. Lunging by the kettle will be my new morning routine, just after I’ve stretched and played with the dog, whilst smiling of course. And everyone is getting a ‘good morning’ today!


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