Disco dreaming in Stockholm

This past weekend myself and Lyd from Today I’m Here went on a mini adventure to Stockholm, Sweden. Neither of us has been there before and we didn’t know what to expect…aside from the fact that it was guaranteed to be very, very cold. Thank god for big knit sweaters.

But we also had something else up our sleeves that we knew would get us through the minus temperatures. And that was a disco playlist.


I think a lot of people seem to look at disco as a ‘guilty pleasure’ or just a bit naff. But, you also know they’re the ones who absolutely get up and dance whenever a mega hit comes on over the speakers. Because it’s supposed to make you feel good. It’s designed to make you move! And bloody hell do I love it.

I recently read this article about Allee Willis, who helped to write Earth, Wind & Fire’s September, and I think she sums it, and disco, up really well:

“As I open the door, they had just written the intro to ‘September.’ And I just thought, ‘Dear God, let this be what they want me to write!’ Cause it was obviously the happiest-sounding song in the world,” Willis says.”


Now of course, you can’t go to Stockholm without visiting the Abba Museum/Hotel. Along with Ikea and stopping every half hour for a fika, Abba just are Sweden amirite? Now I won’t lie. The hotel itself was pretty much the stuff of nightmares…but it was also hilarious and absolutely worth a little snoop around. If only for the fact that you’ll dance EVERYWHERE.


Another highlight of the trip was visiting Skansen. Founded in 1891, this is the first ever open air museum and basically takes you through several centuries of Swedish history. We may have made a mistake going in the middle of February when it was snowing, but none the less it was beautiful. And with most ‘attractions’ (a mini fairground, a zoo and live character acts) being closed, it had this kind of cool, creepy abandoned feel.

It was also the perfect setting to walk through desolate cobbled streets singing Tiny Dancer as loud as we could.


We also hit up Gamla Stan, which is the ‘old town’ in Stockholm, dating back to the 13th century. And it was bloody beautiful. Swedes really know how to fill out the architecture porn category. I fell very much in love with the mainly Rococo style buildings in front of my (very cold and snow filled) eyes.


We even got caught in a “light blizzard” at one point walking through the alleyways of Gamla Stan and let me tell you this. For someone who has always hated being cold and always hated the snow…I really really enjoyed it! Damn Sweden, you magic. There was just something kind of fairy tale like walking through streets that were hundreds of years old, in the quiet that only snow brings and being wrapped up in a scarf the size of a duvet!


This blizzard was made even better because we tried to stay even warmer by dancing down said streets to Peaches & Herb Shake Your Groove Thing.


Basically, what I’m trying to say is, travelling is so much fun and so good for your soul. And making a travel playlist just adds to it. Because not only do you get to visit new places, but you then get a whole load of songs that bring back significant memories!


So, go book your next plane ticket. Open spotify and create that playlist. And get to groovin! And if you need me, I’ll be dancing around my flat to Sister Sledge, pinning all the disco things I can to my pinterest board and dreaming up my next vacation too…




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