Top 5 Tips To Get Stuff Done.

The giraffe represents lofty ambitions and reaching for great things… it’s really relevant okay, I didn’t just go to the zoo at the weekend and take an awesome picture I wanted to share…

What are you even doing with your life?!

I’ve been feeling old recently and thinking a lot about the direction of my life. Doom. Whether you’re a driven career girl or stuck in a minimum wage shift pattern, at some point in life that doom sets in and we have to figure out what the crap we’re doing.

Does that question strike fear into your hearts?

Ask your 11 year old self, what did you think you’d be by now? What did you think you’d have accomplished?
Everyone has that one thing that is constantly at the back of their mind, permanently in that ‘one day’ vault. But why is it in that vault? Imagine how amazing you’d feel if you finished that screenplay or actually started saving for that dream trip.
I wonder if the act of even starting something makes it immediately seem as though it won’t get finished. Is our stamina for accomplishment that bad?
Mine is.

So I’ve come up with 5 tips to turn that tiny slither of ambition into a tiny slither of motivation.

  1. Start on Saturday
    Extend your work week by a day and pretend you have a job to do on saturday as well. Get up & ready for the day, leave at your usual time and take a walk. Start ‘work’ at nine and don’t you dare finish before 5, you slacker!
  2. Walk it On!
    See what I did there…
    Early morning walks are bloody brilliant, especially if you take a thermos of coffee with you! I have some of my best ideas just walking along, I highly recommend it. I don’t however recommend gasping and saying these ideas out loud (like I do)… people will look at you funny..
    When you get home you’ll have a million ideas swirling round ready to put into action, and all you did was take a stroll!
  3. Get Off That Ass
    There’s nothing worse than sitting all day, it’s literally the worst thing about office work. My tip? Host little solo dance parties throughout the day. Put the kettle on, hit play on your jam, dance your tiny heart out and when the song’s over, make that motherflippin cup of tea!
    You’ll find it easier to pump yourself up and get through the day if you give yourself these little micro-breaks. Bonus points if you sing along too…
  4. Be Accountable 
    Hands up who else is terrible at following through with things…just me… okaaay then.
    Set yourself a goal at the beginning of the day like 1,000 words, 10 good ideas etc and if you haven’t accomplished it by 5 o’clock then you don’t get your reward. Whether you’ve promised yourself a glass of wine, or a meal out – you only get your treat if you’ve done your work! … I’m going to make a good parent.
  5. You’re Amazing, Share That Shi!
    So you did it, you achieved your goal! But if no-one’s there to see it, does it even make a noise… or something along those lines…
    Whether you share with your other half, your best friend or strangers on the internet – sharing and getting validation that what you did was good, will motivate you to keep going. We all need a little push every now and again and often it helps if someone else is doing the pushing.

So if you’ve been meaning to start (or finish) that project, now is the time! Try it this Saturday, see how much you get done & let me know how you get on! Share your success with me, I’m excellent at giving compliments & I’ll treat you real nice.







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  1. You!! I like you! Great tips, treating Saturday like a work day also. I heard or read somewhere that the parents of this one guy told him to work every day on school word until at least 5 pm. To prepare him for the grind of adult life… that is quite solid advice!

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  2. Excellent motivation post!!! You just gave me the energy to do more 🙂

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