B r u n c h

When I lived in New York the only thing we did on Sunday was plan brunch. Our whole group would go out every week and enjoy ourselves one more time before the work week started again. And when I moved to London I was quite upset to discover that we have not yet really caught up on the greatest food event there is. I mean yes, of course, we have our own Sunday food deal (and don’t get me wrong, I love a good roast). But, I just love everything there is about brunch.

Going to cute little cafes? Check. Eating at a “non conventional” eating time? Check. Having some sort of delicious breakfasty food? Check. Having unlimited drinks to accompany it? Check. Being drunk in the middle of the day? Check.


And now, my bestest New York gal Lydia (who blogs over at Today I’m Here and is wonderful) is in London for two weeks so we knew we had to find somewhere to go today. And boy, did we find a treat!

We went to the beautiful Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings in Angel for a delicious two hour taste sensation! We were even lucky enough to snag our reservation on the same day, which we thought would be impossible as it’s valentines day. But yay for B&H!


With a small but choice menu, we knew we were in for something special. And we both opted for an egg based plate – myself Eggs Benedict (oh my god the ham hock was divine) and Lyd The Breakfast with scrambled eggs, hashbrown, mushroom and tomato.


But as every seasoned bruncher knows, the food, although delicious…is always second. Because brunch just wouldn’t be brunch without the drinks! B&H give you two types of drinks option. You can either have single cocktails for £8.50 a pop, or, the bottomless for £18. So of course we chose the bottomless option. You’d be a fool not to.


It’s a bit pricier yes, but ultimately worth it. Over two hours of good food and good conversation we managed to sink six glasses each of the most refreshingly sweet Rossini (valentines special – bellini with fresh crushed raspberries, oof!) and both left feeling a little fizzy in the head. So delicious!


I’m glad that even after three years of being in London, I’m still finding places that I never knew existed. And B&H really made me happy. The venue itself is just wonderful. We sat at the bar, with a view of the main restaurant and conservatory areas. With huge windows all around, the whole place is continually drenched in beautiful clean light, which was made to feel all the more tropical thanks to the abundance of plants. A very nice, botanical and fresh touch. I think the best thing though, was that the whole place didn’t feel like a restaurant at ALL. The mish mash of furniture, different levels of seating and subtle music spilling from the speakers really made it feel like we had stepped into someone’s open house. So great!

IMG_4324(Obligatory bathroom photo cos hotdamn, I was feelin myself)

I also have a real thing for bathrooms, and find myself getting excited to go and snoop around. So imagine my joy when I hopped down the stairs, found a big pile of chopped logs and pushed open the bathroom door to first see a giant stand alone bath. As you’ll know from my dream house blog, that’s a staple for me…but it got better because B&H had utilised it and turned it into a giant sink. And then there was the giant mirror and super sinky seat. Full marks from me!


Overall, it was the perfect brunch. The staff were super friendly, service was speedy, and the food/drink was tantalising for the tastebuds. It’s a 10/10 for me and I will absolutely be going back again. Especially as I noticed a couple of event posters that said they have Prohibition and Blitz themed nights coming up….



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  1. check out my blog post for an alternative brunch option 🙂


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