We Wine Winchester – Toscanaccio

So I live right opposite a supermarket & I am very guilty of buying the majority of my wine from said supermarket. I mean, 2-for-1s! am I right? But Winchester keeps throwing adorable boutique looking wine merchants in my face and I can only ignore the pull for so long!

First up I tried Toscanaccio (not just because they offered us free corks for our DIY endeavours, promise!)

I suppose the reason I avoid ‘fancy’ wine stores would be the price tag fear, but how wrong I was! I mean sure, they had gigantic champagne bottles down to £119 (bargin btw) but they also had an amazing range of wines, from an amazing range of places, for an incredible range of prices.

I happened to pop in when they had a sale on.. a wine sale ladies & gents! Dreams do come true!


Toscanaccio is modelled on the Italian Enoteca –

“Enoteca: A special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy. The concept of an enoteca is primarily directed at giving visitors the possibility to taste their wines at a reasonable price and to give the option of buying them.”

They offer a range of events and tasting evenings to foster a real, good old fashioned community spirit. Book Club & Wine, Board Games & Wine … you get the jist, activities with wine. Sometimes Gin too (Winchester gin no less!)
Aside from Winchester spirits they also stock a range of other local products too; we love it when small businesses work together, Hampshire seems to be so good at this!



So what did I pick up on my trip? Well apart from this buttload of corks (DIY results coming soon!)


I picked up this delightful little malbec, because who can say no to a malbec, especially when it’s in the sale too! Sale + Wine = a great night ahead.


What the crap is that? – I hear you ask. That’s my wine guys! They wrap it in wine coloured tissue paper like you’re a king and it’s freaking Christmas.


From this moment on I swore to my self I’d never again buy wine from a supermarket, and you know what? I haven’t! Maybe I could say I’ve given up supermarket wine for lent? … is that enough? It feels like enough…


This was my conquest, full-bodied but with a soft finish, this is my perfect kind of malbec and for the price it was bloody great. We paired with meatballs… & I literally mean just meatballs, I don’t want to be wasting calories on spaghetti when there are tomatoey, parmesaney meatballs to be had.

Toscanaccio – a great selection of wine, a solid range of prices & offers and above all a wonderful, friendly atmosphere!

We give it 5/5 wines.

Tesoro de los Andes, Mendoza Malbec – a full-bodied fruity palate, with a well rounded finish, we loved this wine. Although it is best drunk with food … all the red meat and cheese, there really are no downsides to that though!

We give it 4/5 wines

Stay tuned for our next We Wine Winchester edition – where will we go? (bet the suspense is killing you!)



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