Shay’s go-go juice

Spoiler alert – it’s not wine!!


Ever find it hard to muster the motivation to do…anything? Yeah, me too…

But I’m here to help, I’m sharing with you my secret breakfast recipe that is perfect even for those of us who don’t eat breakfast (looking at you grey)

In the mornings I get up early to go for a jaunt with my dog, I say jaunt because half the time is spent taking pictures of sunrises..


When I leave the house it’s usually pitch black, below are before and after pictures of the same track. It’s just as terrifying as it looks in the dark, pre-7am!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 19.04.55.png

So after feeling all energised and awake I was finding eating porridge or classic breakfast foods was making me immediately sleepy again. So, not being one of those girls who has the inclination, or money, to buy fancy smoothie ingredients I looked around my house for things to make a delicious breakfast drink with.

Step One

Milk – 200ml
I only know this because my flask thing has measurements on the side, or i’d just go with ‘a healthy glug’

Ice – a handful

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 19.11.03.png

Step Two

Raid your cupboards for anything that looks blendable, in my case: honey, instant coffee powder, banana, apple & (not pictured) plain oats. . . also peanut butter if you have any… just anything you have to hand really!


Step Three

Pretty much everything is a teaspoon amount, oats is two teaspoons.
& just slice those fruits up real nice, I’m lucky I had apples today, I usually just have brown bananas!
Everything’s to taste though, feeling sleepy? heap up that coffee! Craving sweet? just add some more honey yo!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 19.12.43.pngScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 19.12.58.png

Step Four

Blend it all up until smooth & enjoy the energising, fruity powers of Shays go-go juice!
Disclaimer – I realise this isn’t some green super juice… I can’t give you advice on health, just on what tastes good!
… also bonus, fills you up without making you feel sluggish; which was the goal!


Give it a try, add a twist, or recommend us your smoothie blends to try! I literally just use what I have in my house, but I’m willing to try anything… almost…



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