My dream house – Grey

We’ve all daydreamed about it right? Our perfect house. Our money-is-no-object kind of deal. I know I have. Many many countless hours have been spent imagining said house. Although I have actually realised that I’ve never pictured the house itself. Weird. I’m more into imagining all the different furnishings/rooms I want. And there are some definite items that would make all my dreams come true.

Rub a dub dub…
I’ve never really been a bath type of person. I’ll always pick a shower over a bath (preferably one of those incredible rain fall showers, thanks). But, give me a bath that covers both my knees and my boobs at the same time and I’ll be the happiest girl in the house. I love bubbles and I love being warm so really it’s a win win. And the freestanding aspect totally appeals to me. Especially if it’s got little claw feet too.

Burn baby burn…
As you’ll see from my Christmas blog, fires are one of my number one things in life. The sounds of cracking wood and roaring flames. The smell. The warmth (sense a theme here people). There’s just nothing greater. I love chopping up logs and I love to build the fire myself and then see it go up in flames.

I’m not talking just a couple of bookcases. I’m talking an entire room FULL OF BOOKS. The more the better. Think Beauty and the Beast style. I’ve spent far too much time looking up and fantasising about the world’s most beautiful libraries and I get such nerdgasms for them. So the thought of having my own is something that would make my life. Also the thought of having endless books to read! Oh lawd.

Home is where the food is…
The kitchen in the house I grew up in was always the place we hung out. And I like the thought of my own kitchen being a central hub. I also really love baking so I want big open surfaces, a huge gas stove top and all the Le Crueset I can get my floury mitts on!

Let there be light…
I have a real thing for light. Bright morning light. The golden hour. Long dark evening shadows. Crispy winter days. Those rays that creep through curtains and show all the little particles floating in the air. And I also just really love looking out of windows…So put those two things together and you get a prime viewing and light appreciation spot. Preferably a nice view too, obviously. Overlooking NYC for example. Or a mountain. Whatever.

Dream city…
Oh god I love being in bed. My bed has been named The Papoose for quite some time now as it seriously feels like being wrapped up and safe forever. I have mountains of blankets and duvets and pillows. Warmth is key. So that would never change. But, the one thing I’m lacking right now is height. I like a bed you have to almost jump up in to. It makes the getting in even more worth it! I also think it most likely stems to some deep seeded Disney-esque need to feel like a princess…and I’m alright with that.

Aaaaaaand, if all of that fails, I’ll just move into the Brooklyn Clocktower Penthouse


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