Things I’ve learnt so far – Grey

I’ve been alive for 28 wondrous years. Hitting the late twenties was mental. I want to do everything, but also I have no idea what I want to do! And I know I know, in the grand scheme of things I am still but a babe in the crazy thing we called life. But even babes learn things. So what better idea than to share with you some of the (very important) life lessons that have come my way so far…

Internet Pizza

Next day cold pizza is better than same day hot pizza.
I stand by this. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up in the morning and remembering that the take out pizza you couldn’t finish last night is in the kitchen ready to be consumed.

“Pub?” is one of the greatest questions in the English language.
And the answer is always, always, a resounding yes.


Books are magical portals.
I could get lost in other people’s stories forever and be happy. It blows my mind that words on a page, that someone else at some point in time wrote, can resonate so deeply with me today. Same goes with films.

Being weird is better than being normal.
I’ll be the first to say that I am very, very weird. And I love it. It makes my life more interesting and altogether better. Even my bad weird (like suffering from sleep paralysis) at least gives me stories (even if they are crippled with absolute fear).


The Supremes were right, you can’t hurry love.
I remember being about 8 years old, sitting in my friend Clare’s bedroom and drawing pictures of wedding dresses. We had our entire lives planned out to the finest detail. I’m 28 now and have none of the things I’d envisioned yet. But that’s not a bad thing! I know it will happen…and in the mean time I’ll just listen to Diana and dance around.

When it doubt, dance it out.
…Nice segue Grey. But yeah. Five minute dance parties are the answer to a LOT of life’s problems.


You don’t have to like everyone.
I think society drills it in to us that if we don’t like someone then we’re a bad person. And this just isn’t true. I think it’s important to be polite and kind at all times, but that doesn’t mean you have to get on with everyone you meet just for the sake of it! It’s not healthy to your mind and heart to frustratingly try and live with/hang out with/be with people who bring negativity to your life. Look out for yourself people!

Being a dreamer is awesome.
I often get lost in my own little worlds and I’ve come to realise it’s really important for my imagination and inspiration. When you’re set on writing children’s books like I am, the caverns of your brain are oft the best places to search. Unlimited ideas always!


Glitter helps almost everything.
Got a birthday card that needs sprucing up? Chuck some glitter on it. Outfit a little bland? Glitter and/or sequins. Makeup not quite right? GLITTER. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Mushrooms aren’t that bad.
I grew up as a very picky eater. I don’t know how my parents put up with it. And I still have a few strange food habits (remember when I said I was weird?). For example: I can’t eat mayo because it looks like acrylic paint. I find it difficult to eat any meat that looks like the animal still – I love fish, but place a whole one in front of me and I won’t be able to touch it. And mushrooms were always on this list. Because, to me, when cooked, they look like slugs. And that creeps me out. BUT, in recent months, I’ve been getting into them. They’re actually alright.


Good friendships know no boundaries.
Friendships come and go. Life sometimes gets in the way. But the real friendships are the ones that don’t get affected by this. They’re the ones that don’t matter if there’s an ocean in between you, or simply a tube ride. They’re the ones that are exactly the same even if you don’t see each other every day.

Naps are a gift.
When I was doing my dissertation at uni I suffered from really bad insomnia. I didn’t realise how incredible sleep was until I never got any. Now I think naps are one of the most wonderful things in the world. Naps with pals are especially good. Any kind of snoozy snugged up situation really…

As you can see, my life lessons are incredibly helpful and totally important. They’ll probably make your life 100 times better. So I guess all I have left to say is, what can you guys add? What lessons have shaped you?



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