The year of yes – Grey

It’s the morning of January 1st 2016, I’m in a slightly cold bedroom, huddled under a big mountain of blankets, binge watching Scandal. And it’s freaking awesome. Nothing says ‘new year new you’ like continuing to do exactly the same thing you’ve done all Christmas break! (For reals though, I can’t stop watching Scandal and there are just so many scandals it’s exhausting but I just.can’t.stop.)


New Years resolutions are a funny one to me. I used to be so ambitious and over the top and do what everyone does and say “Yeah, I’m gonna go full out on exercise!” and “I’m not gonna cheat on my diet!”, and spend too much money on a gym membership that I only use for the first two months of the year and then rekindle my love for pizza.

I used to be like that, until 2014 turned to 2015. I decided on December 31st 2014 that my resolution would be simple. To just listen to myself more. I realised I spent a lot of that year putting other people first, which although not totally a bad thing, meant I ignored myself a lot. I didn’t give myself time to feel, to heal and to live as well as I could have done. I didn’t want to be in that place again. So I spent 2015 doing things for me and really listening and loving myself. And it was a great year. I really loved 2015! And my mind, my heart and my body did too.

So this year I’m going down the same road with two simple things.

One: Kid President the heck out of the year.
If you don’t know of Kid President already, let me illuminate. He’s a badass eleven year old boy called Robby who works with his awesome brother in law Brad and SoulPancake to change the world and make it more awesome. Not only are their videos and messages hilarious and inspiring…but they’re actually doing something! They’re actually changing the world! I never thought a little boy in a little suit would make a difference to the way I look at the world, but he has and he makes me want to me more awesome. And it is that simple. BE. MORE. AWESOME. Be kind, treat everyone like it’s their birthday, give the world a reason to dance and be more like cheese (or bacon) and make everything you touch better.

(KP and Brad also released an amazing book, which I 10/10 recommend you buy: Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome)

Two: I’m going to say yes.
Yes to new things, yes to opportunities, yes to all the wine, obviously. I want to experience things and have fun. I want this year to put all the potential I have in my creativity, my passions, my love and my determination to good use. So that means saying yes to people, places and things, but most importantly saying yes to myself. If I want something, I’m going to go for it. And if my brain says “But Grey, can we just stay in bed and watch one more episode of Scandal?”…yeah, I’m gonna say yes to that too.

Sometimes the simple things are the most life changing. Bring it on 2016, let’s see what we can do!




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