A Different Resolution

I loved Grey’s post about saying ‘Yes!’ in 2016. But since it would make a poor resolution post to c+p hers I dug deep, passed the ‘getting fit’/’stop eating sugar’/’cutting out booze’ traps and realised there was only one habit in my life that I need to change.

It’s time to say No in 2016!

A good metaphor for this hit me earlier while I was washing up last nights remnants, and I think we’re all guilty of this to an extent – I let things build.

I’ll preface this by telling you my home isn’t fancy enough to house a dishwasher. So when I’m done with my morning cup I put it by the sink, followed by my plate/bowl, my husbands bowls, plates, cups, glasses.
This ‘gathering’ of dishes continues until 9pm rolls around and a day’s worth of eating and cooking ‘things’ litter the sink area – the last thing I want to do at night is washing up, I want to relax!
So I wash up resentfully, sometimes literally muttering obscenities to the dishes about how much I hate them….


Today on the 1st of January 2016 I’ve washed as I’ve gone. It’s 4pm and the kitchen is spotless, by the time I come to wash up dinner things it will take 2 minutes, maybe less.

It might seem like a basic analogy, but I’m guilty of doing the same in other aspects of life.
Some people clean a room of their house a week to ‘keep on top of it’ … I do not…
Some people pay bills by direct debit and budget their spending accordingly… I do not…
Some people post a letter on the day they write it, heading out for that sole purpose… I do not…
Respond to an email or text straight away …. you get the pattern here…

I’m a serial putter-offer. I have two degrees because of it!

Now i’m at a stage where I have a job in a field I’m really excited about, hobbies, a husband, a dog – all the classic grown up things. But the one thing I realised I haven’t grown out of is procrastination.


Last year I got in the habit of going for a run as soon as I woke up in the morning, although this was more out of guilt (tiring my dog out before leaving him at home) it has really got me in the swing of not making excuses.
I had to get up anyway, I had to take him out anyway and I can run twice the distance I can walk in the same period of time; so why wouldn’t I just run!

No excuses. No putting off. 

Those are my resolutions.

Most of our unhappinesses are of our own creation, and definitely things we have the power to change, so why put it off.

I’ve never written out a resolution somewhere I can go back to read it in a years time… so this will be interesting.

Happy New Years everyone, I hope 2016 brings you all you could ever dream of! Me? I’m off to wash up this cup…





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