Merry Cheese&Wine-mas!

This year I’m having a Cornish Country Christmas & to make the workload fair, each night a different couple has to take care of the cooking, creating a Christmassy feast to delight the masses.

So obviously the first thing I thought of was wine…but sadly, as this is not considered a ‘food’ I had to think a little harder. Luckily for me, one of the best foods in the world is made for wine – mothercheesing cheese!

A cheese and wine night (with meat and breads and chutneys thrown in) is one of my favourite types of ‘dinner’. I love ‘picky’ food, I’m a grazer; on every scale…

So I went on a bit of a cheesy research kick and found this b-e-a-utiful guide to cheese and wine pairing from the folks over at WineFolly …


Something I’ve come to realise is that there is a severe shortage of dedicated cheese shops in the world.
We used to have a deli in the city I live in, but it closed down, like so many other amazing independent shops!

So I thought I’d track down the best cheese offers in supermarkets this Christmas – so you don’t have to! I’ll even tell you what to drink with them!

First, I popped into M&S because I wanted my cheese to be fancy af. One of their Christmas cheese highlights is this £155 offering below, which is my dream cake, just look at it… unfortunately I’m poor, so I’ll just leave this picture here as aspirational cheese…


On a slightly more reasonable level M&S are offering a wheel of brie for a tenner…
a. wheel. of. brie. 
Now I’m usually a fan of strong blue cheeses but this brie is on top of it’s game … if brie had game… don’t forget the cranberry sauce though!

We’re pairing this with a crisp chardonnay.


While you’re in M&S I’d recommend picking up a pack or two of their Bresaola for your cheese & meat platter (it’s incredible!!)

Now I got pretty excited going into Sainsburys when I saw a half wheel of Stilton for £3. THREE! POUNDS!
…it’s now a quarter of a wheel of stilton..
For the price it’s my perfect cheese, creamy but strong enough to just about invade your nose. (y’know when strong cheese flavour goes up your nose? anyone else get this?)

We’re pairing this with a dry vintage port


While you’re in Sainsburys pick up one of their Bastides French Saucisson – it reminds me of snowboarding holidays and is great with cheese!
They also have this Gruyere & Sauvignon Blanc delight that’s new for Christmas which is cheese and wine already combined…genius!

Tescos next! They have a huuuge selection of cheddars. You absolutely need a cheddar on a cheese board… I picked up their Vintage Canadian Cheddar – Tescos finest dontcha know.

We’re pairing this with a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon 

Grab some honey roast/applewood smoked or just regular thick cut ham for this one, everyone loves ham!

ham. ham. hammmmm. 

I went to Waitrose last because I couldn’t resist. I love Waitrose because I feel like one day I might belong… it gives me goals..

Ahh Gruyere, caramelly nutty Gruyere, we get along well me & Gruyere, so I knew I had to get one for the board.
Gruyere is wierd when you type it too many times…
The Gruyere I picked has been called ‘The Best Gruyere Ever‘ – V Keyworth, 26, Winchester.
Cave-aged for 14 months, the flavour is incredible! Definitely a Christmas treat!

We’re pairing this with a smooth Pinot Noir 


While you’re in Waitrose don’t forget to pick up some Chutneys for your Cheese Extravaganza! Waitrose has a pretty sweet own brand selection but there’s a great offer on The English Provender Company Chutneys at the moment!

Believe me, I bought way more than four cheeses but I thought I’d share my four staple cheese board cheeses; LMK in the comments below what your festive favourites are!

If you decide to host your own cheese & wine party over Christmas let us know how it goes or tweet us a picture! We love pictures of food!






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