Little bites of christmas!

OH SWEET POTATO I’VE DONE IT AGAIN! Yes yes, I’m very much tooting my own horn because I have only gone and whipped up a delicious treat that literally led me to say “it tastes like a bite of christmas!” to myself…in an empty kitchen…

Now, as you hopefully have guessed by now, I do love a good christmas spice…anything with cinnamon makes me a kind of happy that I can’t really explain. Same goes for gingerbread…so this seemed like a pretty natural thing to fall into my lap. Or should I say mouth.

Because my sweets, the treat in question is GINGERBREAD CHRISTMAS CAKE BITES.

That’s right. Oh my god I’ve just made them and I already want to make them again!

Of course, I consulted the queen of all things cake, our sponge and saviour, Mary Berry for the very best gingerbread cake recipe and boy did she deliver.


First things first it’s melting the butter, sugar and black treacle together. No matter how many times I use black treacle I will never believe it is anything but tar. But hey, it’s pretty tasty tar sooo…

Once you’ve done that…shove all the dry ingredients into a big mixing bowl and mix in the melty goodness. It will go a bit shiney and a bit sticky but ultimately come together nicely.

Then you heat the milk in a pan (but don’t let it burn) and add the bicarb until it froths a little. Nice little science experiment there. Slowly mix that into the bowl too. Then chop up your crystallised stem ginger and chuck that in too. I think I went a little overboard here…but like I said, I like the spice!

Next, the boring bit. The waiting. Although it did make my entire house smell INCREDIBLE so I couldn’t be too bored. Once cooked and cooled (I am always so impatient with cooling…I ended up chopping the cakes in half and sticking them in the freezer for a bit) you get to smash them all up!

Yep, stick your hands through that cake and make it crumbly. Chuck it back into a mixing bowl and get your tub of vanilla icing and mix it all together.

Once mixed, line a couple trays with parchment paper and get to rolling. The recipe I’d seen talked about using some VERY SPECIFIC BALL SPOON and I don’t have one…so I used my hands. Obviously. They ended up looking like weird meatballs. It was weird.

Chuck em back in the freezer for half an hour.

THEN IT GETS REAL MESSY. Melt up that chocolate bb! And get to dippin!

On the pinterest I saw, they of course somehow coated them completely perfectly, with no gaps or whatever. But ya gurl overhere had only a fork…and a saucepan. So yeah. They looked like meatballs covered in chocolate. SO DELISH!

They set pretty quickly though because them balls had been in the freezer…so that’s good.


Then it’s a little drizzle of red and green icing and voila! CHRISTMAS IN YOUR MOUTH HOLE.

So so good…pretty easy to make…10/10 would recommend….

[Pssst…A great wine to pair with ginger is a Riesling. Especially a Pierre Sparr Alsace]



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  1. These look scrumdiddlyumptious. Pleeeeaaasse bring some with you at Christmas!


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