The 12 Days of Greymas

A couple of weeks before my birthday, my laptop decided to spontaneously die. I had to spend a lonnnnng time in the Apple store crossing my fingers that a genius would be able to fix it. On one of my visits, I was helped by an extraordinarily cute guy. It kind of hurt my brain at how cute he was. And of course I did nothing about it, aside from tell the girls how beautiful he was. They immediately told me I should ask him out. “It’s easy!” HAHAHAHAHA…No.

I have enough social anxiety as it is (check this post if you haven’t already).

But that was just the start. From here, the girls decided that leading up to my 28th birthday – which just happened to be 12 days away – they would set me a push-the-boundaries-get-out-your-comfort-zone type of challenge. Excellent!

And I have to say, I was actually quite excited. I tried to think of some ground rules, and couldn’t. So, it was all on the table. I would keep a journal, filling in how I did throughout the day.

So here we go!

Day One – Compliment five complete strangers on your travels.
As the notification for today popped up on my phone screen I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for my bus into work. A little old lady was sitting next to me in a purple coat, purple hat, purple scarf, purple gloves and purple boots. All in different shades. She looked amazing. And in my head I was screaming “just tell her you like her look!” But for some reason I couldn’t. Being naturally shy sometimes really is a crux. We then got on the bus and she headed upstairs and I stayed on the lower level. Dammit Grey.

But throughout the day I looked out for people to compliment. I wanted my compliments to be genuine, rather than just for the sake of it. And let me tell you. It’s harder than it seems. Or maybe my standards were just too high?

I went for a long walk at lunch and couldn’t find ANYONE! Sure there were loads of people around, but nothing caught my eye. Even in the bitter bitter winds of this terrible November there wasn’t even one nice scarf.

But after work I was at a friend’s shop and a customer said he had come over from the States. Philadelphia to be exact. I jumped at the chance to tell him how much I love Philly. It’s such a beautiful state…So I think that counts? It’s his home town. He was happy!

Then just before I got on the tube I saw a girl with awesome silver shoes. I took a step, got frustrated that I didn’t say anything straight away and turned around to do so…and she was gone. So. One out of five. Oops.


Day Two – Learn three new words, in three different languages and use them today.
Yes! From the minute I saw it, I LOVED this challenge! I love learning and I love languages. And I’m lucky enough to work in a very diverse creative team so straight away I sent a group email around explaining what the challenge was and I got a butt load of words straight away!

Throughout the day I asked if anyone was going to the shop and could they pick me up some milseáin (Irish for sweets). I told a good friend of mine that I keep forgetting things and was quite clearly a Hurluberlu (French for eccentric, scatterbrained person). And then as 5.30pm crept upon us, I told a member of my team that I was sad it was so grey and gloomy outside as I would miss El Atardecer (Spanish for the sunset). Damn winters…


All in all, I think you can clearly see that I’m now fluent in three other languages haha. On to the next one!

Verdict: SUCCESS.

Day Three – Master a classic all American thanksgiving pie!
Oh dayyummmmm baby. This challenge speaks to my SOUL. I love everything about Thanksgiving. I love everything about most holidays come to think of it. And a few years ago I set myself the challenge of learning and making (and obviously loving) a sweet potato pie. It’s easily one of the greatest things ever to be in my life. And it’s a staple – alongside my new favourite Cinnamon Swirls. So today’s challenge was always going to be fun!

I originally wanted to make pumpkin pie…but apparently nowhere in London sells pumpkins after Halloween…so apple it was!

I got accidentally very drunk on Tiger Horse wine (so delicious) as I was making the pie, and got VERY covered in flour. I’m a little annoyed the crust caught so much….but it was still totally worth it! I didn’t really follow a recipe as my Chef Bro was home so he just told me what to do hahaha. God I love cinnamonny apples in a pastry house….

Verdict: GIVE ME MORE!

Day Four – Use positive words in place of words like “don’t” “won’t” and “can’t”.

I. LOVED. TODAY. It’s funny. I felt like the girls read my mind today, even cities apart. I woke up feeling super positive and confident and happy. Then when this challenge came through it was like a sign! And I’m gonna be honest…it wasn’t too challenging! Even working on a project at work that had previously made me want to tear my hair out and punch a hole in the wall. Today it was a breeze. The power of ‘yes’ hey?!

And then to top it all off, I got to help do christmas decorations for La Touché’s shop. And if there is anything I love more than being positive…it’s CHRISTMAS


Day Five – Go against the grain this Black Friday and don’t spend a dime!

Soooo, this challenge failed before I even got it. As I was tapping my card against the screen in Sainsburys buying some mint for my tea, I saw my notification. It was down hill from the start….


Day Six / Seven – ummmmm, I think we all forgot over the weekend? WOOPS.

Day Eight – Monday motivation! Go for a run!

Yeahhhhh… I had the best intentions for this. But then my friend asked me if I wanted to go and have gin. Sooo…


Day Nine – #NoMakeUpChallenge

So, yet again, this challenge arrived on my phone too late. But, not to disappoint all my avid readers…here’s a photo of me with no makeup on…


Verdict: FORGIVE ME?

Day Ten – The season of giving has begun, make five tea/coffee rounds in the office today!

Just call me Lady Grey! For someone who doesn’t drink hot drinks, I’ve very thankful for the fact that my office just has one of those taps you press to get hot water. I’m almost sad I didn’t have a frilly apron and a tea trolley to match…

Verdict: YASSSS.

Day Eleven – Write an LDF letter today and put it in the post!

This made me really happy because I LOVE to write letters! And I was going to write one to my friend Lydia, who lives in California….but half way through the day I was inspired and WROTE MY LETTER TO SANTA. That’s right. It counts. He’s my friend. Of course I asked for this incredible wine stocking because what more does anyone need?!


Verdict: Patiently waiting for my presents…

Day Twelve – Get three attractive men to wish you a happy birthday tonight.

Haaaaaaaa. I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t actually see this challenge until the next day when I was severely hungover in my bed (great way to start a birthday). BUT! IT HAPPENED ANYWAY! I had my work christmas party the night before and I was dressed as a FREAKING ICE QUEEN (the party theme was ‘white’) and hey, turns out Ice Queens get the compliments.


So the final scores show me it’s 6 successes to 4 fails….remember how we missed two days so actually it’s out of 10, not 12, oops…!

Anyway….HOORAY FOR ME! I’m 28 now…It’s time to start living that Grandma life….


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