Why Go Out When You Can…

Now that Autumn is feeling more & more like Winter, it’s hard to do anything but curl up under a blanket and chain drink tea – the struggle is real.
As I look out the window the last few brown leaves are hanging limply from a sycamore tree, rain is misting horizontally along and the sky is a claustrophobic shade of grey – I mean, it appeals to no-one. I get that.

But what on earth are you supposed to do inside for 3 months? Hibernate?

Travel The WorldMeatballs_680px_3_spaghetti

…without even leaving your house! Pick a country, lets use Italy for example – make some meatballs from scratch, or authentic pizza! *Pro Tip* If you’ve got a firepit rusting in the garden like us, now is the time to dust it off – flame cooked pizza, way better than an oven!
Whip out your travel dictionary & challenge yourselves to only speak Italian. Pick up some Italian wine, eat it with your Italian food and stick on a Fellini movie!
You can apply this to any country: Cuban, French, Indian, Spanish … you get the idea.

‘Tis The Season


Make a night out of decorating for Christmas! Make up some mulled wine, or baileys hot chocolate and get those ornaments out. It never fails to get you in the festive spirit. Stick a Christmas movie on in the background, or a little bit of Bublé & you’re in for the most Christmassy evening of your life!

 Hide Away

Who doesn’t like a den? I mean really…
Gather all the sheets and throws you own and rig that noise up! We have a surplus of battery powered fairy lights at my house, perfect for den decor. Got any lanterns knocking around? Get them involved. Make the cosiest place in the whole entire world & crawl inside for a movie night to rival all others (popcorn optional but recommended).

Come Dine With Me

Friends don’t let friends be antisocial alone. Invite a few friends over and take charge of a course each. Even if you’ve got 8 people over, have an 8 course meal; go on, it’d be amazing. As long as you’re not the one in charge of that sorbet palate cleanser thing.

Bake Off

Christmas baking is one of the most worthwhile things you can do with your time…ever. Not only do you get to devour delicious baked goods at the end of it but your entire house will smell of gingery, cinnamony goodness. Why not challenge yourself to make a gingerbread house with tiny versions of yourselves? … I feel a WeWine Gingerbread challenge coming on…

 You Do You!


These days, time seems to fly by so quickly I never have time to slow down. Take advantage of the long evenings and just pamper the crap out of yourself. Bath, mask, wine, trashy TV or the kind of book you only download on kindle – the whole shebang. Let your troubles melt away underneath the bubbles…. If you’ve got a partner try and rope them into giving you a massage, make sure to return the favour though!

New Tricks


I attempted to learn to knit a few Novembers ago, started writing a book last November & made a start on fixing up my house this November. I always seem to start to be productive come Autumn; I’m useless in the Summer! So use this downtime to do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Come next year you won’t regret it!

Power Cut


Transport yourself back to the Dark Ages and don’t use power all evening! Light all the candles in your house and crack open the meat and cheese platter, open up a bottle or two of red & pretend you’re in Game of Freaking Thrones.
I love evenings where you don’t turn the TV or computer on all night, people don’t do it enough! We have a lot to talk about guys, so have a conversation by candlelight like the intellectual powerhouse that you are.

Sweat It Out

I tried night time running once…I didn’t care for it. So youtube the latest exercise fad, pull on your most ridiculous workout gear and put your back into it! I like to take this opportunity to only wear a crop top and tiny shorts like i’m one of those women in the Nike Adverts, who I look exactly like…

Real Life

This one is for couples, or reeeeeeeeally close friends…or actually yourself & a mirror…
Pick up two canvases and dig out all the paints you’ve ever owned, strip down to your altogether and paint!! A funny twist on this is to give yourselves an art movement to adhere to – Cubism anyone?
Life drawing (or painting) is a dangerous and hilarious evening activity; be kind, rather than ‘realistic’ okay? You’re not helping anyone by ‘just being honest’ guys. (also, best whack the heating up for this one!)

What’s your favourite activity when it’s too cold to even think about leaving the house? LMK in the comments!

Also if anyone actually has made a gingerbread house tweet us a picture @wewineworld  – I’m looking for gingerbready inspiration!




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  1. Love all these ideas. I’m a massive fan of blankets so snuggling up on the sofa with back-to-back episodes of some comedy series, a decent book or sketching pencils is my favourite way to spend a rainy day, especially if you can hear it hammering agains the windows. It’s like you’re winning against the rain by being warm and dry inside!

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  2. Couples life drawing – inspired!

    Liked by 1 person

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