Getting Hitched in a Field – part 2

Hope you enjoyed taking a look back at Keren & Alex’s big day!

As promised here’s the second half of my Wedding post just in time for Wedding Wednesday! Funny that…

I left you as we were walking in to our reception, so grab a cuppa and get ready for some more DIY wedding fun…
once again mad props to our photographer!


There are no benches at this point because we sneakily used them for the ceremony first!
The flower arrangements were done by my bridesmaids & I the night before; we were so proud of them that we briefly considered becoming florists…


The wood slice charger plates were cut by the groomsmen the morning of the wedding – if you fancy trying this yourself, you’ll need a chainsaw and steady hands!

I made up an ‘advice for the bride & groom’ type thing, a wedding speech bingo card (the winner won a little bottle of bubbly!) and printed them at home: one on kraft paper, the other on white card.

On top we placed a little wooden heart that I bought here, which is engraved with Mr & Mrs ‘name’ and the wedding date – I’m convinced they were a bargain but I’m not sure of the going rate for tiny wooden hearts…


Our desert table, with my ‘How Sweet It Is’ sign that I didn’t quite finish haha!
I asked every woman in my family & soon-to-be family, to bake something for the table, because that’s cute right?

The tassels hanging from the table took me bloody ages, literally hours. I loved the way they looked and it was only tissue paper so super cheap; but yeh, maybe just buy tassels if you’re short on time.

Our cake was made by a very talented young lady called Millie, a baking protege if you will! I’m a big ol’blueberry fan in case you couldn’t tell…


Our birch wood guestbook I posted a tutorial for a few weeks ago, was a big success!

The confetti cones I made using brown notebook paper (I had a lot of brown notebooks knocking around the house at the time) I monogrammed some & drew hearts on others.
They worked pretty well and were literally free (because of my stationary obsession…)
*Confetti Pro-Tip* Buy the reject confetti nobody wants! It’s usually a mixed bag of all the colours and all the petals that didn’t quite make the cut, so pretty & so so much cheaper!

We provided a basket full of blankets for the chilly Autumn evening. Those sofas in the background were actually made using pallets we found, for free!

pallets The construction.

As you may have guessed by now the groomsmen are pretty handy guys, they were so sturdy and I kinda wanted to take them home for the garden…the sofas not the guys…
We propped futon mattresses onto the structures, covered with blankets & bish bash bosh, we saved £800! (the price of renting two sofas from the marquee company…)


The Bar! One of the reasons that we tried to do so much DIY was because we wanted to provide an open bar – I always think it makes an occasion that much more festive!

We had pretty bottles filled with…lord knows what, (the groomsmen concocted a shot mix) on each table; so that if anyone wanted to make the wedding speech bingo more interesting they could!

The guys constructed the bar from stacked birch trunks and lay an old door they found on top, we wound fairy lights round the base and it looked awesome!
We filled two glass dispensers with a signature cocktail each, just don’t ask what the blue one is…

The guys…and at some points the guests, took it in turns to make drinks on the bar – it was all very casual!
We had kegs from the gorgeous Itchen Valley Brewery propped up on a truck bed, so that guests could help themselves.

Oh sweet lord the food!! It was amazing! This isn’t DIY but I had to share! We had a Hog Roast from Fat Hog & Big Pan Caterers, I actually can’t rave about them enough. It’s the kind of food I would eat every day!

Fresh bread, Budweiser BBQ sauce, bacon and watercress potatoes … just.  ugh.
I’ve just made myself so hungry…


Couldn’t resist sharing this one, my pup tried to sneak up on the desert table.
Full disclosure – the next day he took the biggest chunk out of the wedding cake! I should also say, that didn’t stop us from eating around it… no regrets..


We had a campfire going that raged into the evening (it got way bigger than this!), great idea for an Autumn/Winter wedding! I did totally forget to buy marshmallows though, which crushed me – I’ll never forgive myself!
My sister (mother to 3 out of my 4 flower girls) brought a bunch of kids toys to keep little ones occupied…apparently they occupied the big ones too.. haha!


Then we went to take pictures…

PicMonkey Collage.jpgOur wedding party. Big Love. 

Family Portrait.

The Best Day.

I hope I’ve given y’all some good ideas!

What were your DIY Wedding day triumphs? LMK in the comments below!



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