Top 10 Christmas Ideas You Should Start Now!

I know I know, ‘Christmas doesn’t start until December’ – for the record, I don’t buy into this. Christmas doesn’t actually start until December 25th, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the run up for as long as we like!

& in that spirit I’ve come up with a list of 10 Christmas ideas that you should probably start making/planning/doing this very instant!
Don’t forget as always, links in the pictures.

1. Obligatory Knitwear


Two Christmases ago I decided I was going to knit all my presents.
Now not having knitted before in my life, you can imagine how this panned out. I did not leave myself enough time, knitting evidently takes bloody ages. So instead of knitting everyone in my family (19 people!) a beautiful winter warmer, I just about managed a scarf for my husband and a snood for my mama.
The moral of my story is start early!
Whether you’re thinking of a scarf or gloves, a tea or mug cosy (like this incredible rudolph one) start in November, you’ll thank yourself when you’re relaxing with a mulled wine on Christmas Eve instead of frantically knitting your little heart out.

2. Christmas Spirit(s)


This kind of present always goes down well! But you have to start infusing early, and by early I mean today – the longer the better. There are so many good combinations online, this apple and cinnamon whiskey however sounds like a complete winner.
Pop your results in cute little bottles and you’ve got stocking fillers they’ll really appreciate!

3. What a Corker!


Here at WeWine we love a good cork decoration & there are so many ideas out there! But you need to drink a ton of wine before you can even think about attempting them!
Little cork reindeer, cork Christmas baubles, cork Nativity sets & this impressive wreath; there are so many things to make out of our friend the cork. A great activity to do with kids – you drink the wine, they do the crafts, win/win!
So you better crack open that wine, it’s not gonna drink itself…

4. Seasons Greetings


If you’re thinking about making your own Christmas cards, the time to start is now. I love the idea of using buttons in this snowman card, or these fingerprint reindeer!
It’s time to put down the Quality Street & start crafting…or failing that, use the quality street wrappers to create masterpieces, primary school style.

5. Christmas Pudding


My mother has always started her Christmas puddings in October. Now, not being a culinary whizz, Christmas puddings are probably the only thing she really nails & that’s because of the time she puts into it… or the brandy…probably the brandy.
If you haven’t started on your pud, there’s still time! Just remember the no.1 rule of Christmas pudding making – keep the Brandy Handy…ehhhh?! Yeh, I’m gonna make that phrase happen.

6. Christmas Countdown


If there’s one thing you absolutely need to make before December, it’s an advent Calendar! Otherwise someone’s going to look pretty foolish come December 1st.

We have a string of mini stockings that we fill with a chocolate coin each in my house, but there are so many amazing ideas out there! I love this paper bag one, so inexpensive but so impressive looking, because if there’s one thing that’s important to me, it’s size…
Runner up mentions go to this Advent village & this reason to be a kid again!  

7. Pretty Pomanders


I was going to use a classic Pomander picture, but how amazing do these look? Can’t you just smell them already!
Hollow out an orange, pour melted wax over a wick in the centre & stud the rim with cloves – so easy!
Obviously make regular Pomanders as well, because why wouldn’t you want your home to smell of Christmas Joy?
The other thing I like to do with Oranges around Christmas (everything apart from eat them apparently) is slice and dry them, to make ornaments for the Christmas tree; which brings me to the next item on my glorious list…

8. Bountiful Baubles


How cool are these? Clear baubles decorated with temporary tattoos!
In my house we put our tree up on December 1st without fail, which means we need to make sure we’re flush with baubles in November. One of our Christmas traditions is buying one new (really nice) bauble each year, so we remember the year’s memories in the specific decoration.
This doesn’t however, include DIY ornaments, I can make as many of those as I want! So with that in mind here are a few I’ll be trying this year – one for little hands to join in, one for bigger hands to fiddle with & one for paws to get messy in!

9. Gorgeous Garlands


One of my favourite things to do in Winter is bundle up warm & go for a walk, coffee in hand. As Christmas approaches I start to be on the lookout for foliage that I can use come December. Pinecones are always a staple of our Christmas decorating – they’re so abundant & you can use them for everything from garlands to ornaments.
Mistletoe is something you can pick up for free too, as long as you’re willing to climb for it! Luckily my husbands a tree surgeon so we’ve already got a bunch in my house.
Any waxy green foliage will usually last out the season, I start picking them up the last week of November so I can make my faux mantelpiece super Christmassy …

photo (2)this was last year by the way – I haven’t gone full Christmas quite yet

10. Beat the Rush


We all love a good Christmas market & we all hate crowds, so take advantage of the November open dates and get in there before December starts. Winchester Christmas market is a favourite of ours at WeWine; it’s set up around the Cathedral & has an ice rink in the middle, so picturesque & Christmassy. Don’t forget to hit up the Bratwurst stall & get yourself a mug of mulled wine – make us proud!

…..well, what are you hanging around here for? Get started on that list!




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  1. #2 is my favorite. Me and my friends always have trouble finding the perfect christmas gifts and this is definitely something that won’t get left in the junk closet to be regifted later on, I need to get started! Thanks for the idea 🙂


    • Exactly Jayme! I know it’s a gift i’d appreciate 🙂
      If you wait a little closer to the time (because it needs to be refrigerated) homemade Irish liqueur is an absolute winner!


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