TBT – Getting Hitched in a Field

2 Months ago today I got married! So Keren & I thought we’d Throwback Thursday to our wedding days, because who doesn’t like having a nose at peoples wedding pictures. Also I’ve got a couple of cheap as chips wedding decor ideas to blow your minds, so grab a cup of tea settle in for a wild ride…

Firstly I’d like to give a massive shout to Antony our photographer, he’s a magician & the nicest, chillest wedding photog you’ll ever meet. He also offers shorter or longer packages; which was amazing for us, being on a budget. All the quality for a little bit less time & it was probably for the best that he left before we started dancing around like the drunks that we were.

We held our ceremony and reception at Wriggly Tin Meadow in Hambledon, Hampshire, which you reach down a winding woodland path. We were Alex, the owner’s first ever wedding – trailblazers! My mum made the bunting out of scraps we found in the bargain bin at a fabric store, being the domestic goddess that she is she stapled them to some rope; but way up in the trees no-one’s ever gonna know…sneaky.

Keyworth 1 copy

It opens out into a meadow, surrounded by trees & dotted with little painted Shepherds Huts (which the wedding party stayed in after the reception) We had our own Honeymooner hut with a private woodfired hot tub in it’s own little glade.


Our ceremony space was knocked up by the Groomsmen the morning of the wedding, my husband is a tree surgeon, so there was a lot of wood involved throughout the whole shebang.

I’d seen so many beautiful archways and flower laden arbors, but when it came down to it this was simpler, way cheaper & really fit in with the vibe of the day … I would say theme, but i don’t think we really had one..
Also we burnt the logs at the end of the day in the massive firepit we had, we’re just so resourceful!





I was all set out to do so much DIY when I first started planning, but I don’t think I actually got that much done! This sign was worth spending the time on though; mainly because it meant I didn’t have to print programmes!
I used an old piece of ply board we had knocking around (don’t think they’re too expensive at DIY stores) & stained it using really old wood stain that was rusting in our shed.
It brought out the grain really well & made it look way fancier than it was! I got through about 5 white gel pens making this; chalk pens just weren’t cutting it, gel pens are just so much more precise & crisp. I realise now that paint would probably have been cheaper … ah well, you can learn from my mistakes!


I was about 30 minutes late for the ceremony, I know, I’m the worst … my sister was still sewing the sleeves onto my wedding dress, huh, maybe we were more DIY than I thought!
While everyone waited we had ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ station, that we actually forgot to get most of the things for, so it was more of a ‘put an umbrella & some chambord in your prosecco station’

Keyworth7Because we were in a field that sheep live in half the year, we had to keep glass to a minimum, so I bought plastic champagne coupes with removable bottoms and spray painted them gold, fancy as you like! Who needs to rent expensive glassware!


Even our dog Tulio got bored waiting for me.. oops…
You can see one of the little huts in the background here; they are so amazingly decked out, you can see the inside on Alex’s website.


My nephew carried a DIY ‘here comes to bride’ sign (cardboard painted black) & he was clearly very excited about it! Haha…
The bridesmaids all picked their own dresses, I didn’t even give them any colour direction & they nailed it – babies breath crowns tied them all together – I’m such a wedding pro.
The ‘bouquets’ were just an hydrangea stalk each; my new MIL & I picked up a ton of flowers the day before for the tables and we just ended up using these hydrangeas. I carried three as my ‘bouquet’ which made for an interesting bouquet toss – the ladies ended catching a stalk each, there’s gonna be a lot of weddings next year!


LPT: Don’t wear a traditional veil in a field, in England. So so so windy, it stuck to my face like nothing on earth, so for a lot of the pictures I’m rocking some serious double chin as I try to keep it from ruining my make-up. Nightmare…but pretty funny…



At least it was sunny! We really lucked out with the weather, it was drizzly & rainy until about an hour before – then the sun came out and it was like a hot summers day. Perfect.



& into the reception we go, I loved how our reception space turned out, mainly because my girls & I did the flowers ourselves – we are seriously good at flower arranging, who knew!!


If you liked this post & want to have a butchers at the rest of the days details (caaaaake) let me know by liking, commenting or tweeting us @wewineworld  & I’ll pull my finger out and do the rest!



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