Just one more step?

Shay’s running blog made me laugh so much. Not only because I could 100% picture her running through the night and squeaking at any scary noise…but because the thought of Tulio being her glowing protector is just inspired.

So how do I feel about our upcoming Brutal Run? In a word…unprepared. Like, really really unprepared.

I am not a natural runner. Give me a swimming pool and I could swim all day every day, no hesitation. But lacing myself up into some trainers and getting the motivation to go on a run is harder than I’d like. But I do try. So I guess that’s something, right? And, I’ve actually done pretty well in the past. It’s just always that first step that is the difficult one. However, I’ve found over the years that there are a few things that make me actually fall in love with the feeling of pounding the pavement.

So, I’m taking a leaf out of Shay’s book, and giving you my top ten reasons why running is great.


  1. Setting (and smashing) goals: This summer, I ran my first ever half marathon! Before this, the longest distance I’d ever run was 10k, so this seemed near impossible. But, I kinda like the impossible. So I found a ten week training schedule online and just WENT FOR IT. Super badass…and super completed, ahhhh yeah.
  2. The little differences are the biggest: Running four minutes faster today than yesterday is an AMAZING feeling.
  3. Having a motivator: This doesn’t necessarily mean a running partner, but just someone who is there to cheer you on (physically and/or emotionally). For me it’s my mum, she’s a marathon runner herself, so I knew any “I just ran XX miles in XX time!!” texts would be applauded, and therefore give me the boost I needed for the next session.
  4. Books books books: Definitely not while you’re running. That would not be such a great idea. But absolutely for the times you’re not. There are some brilliant books out there to get you pumped up – I highly recommend Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami.
  5. Knowing every run is different: There will be days when your run feels rubbish. Maybe it’s the weather, or your shoes, or your confidence…or maybe there are just too many damn people on the pavement. But whatever it is that’s okay! Some runs are rubbish and some are great. That’s just how it goes. But knowing that means not feeling let down!
  6. S T R E N G T H: Mmmmm muscles. I love my thighs. They keep me going.
  7. Trying things because they are fun: Once I bought some bright blue kinesio taping for my ankles and looked like a weird alien. Another time (thanks to Born to Run) I drank Iskiate and it changed my running liiiiife.
  8. Wet wet wet: I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN. Anything to make me feel like I’m in a dramatic movie is always a good thing in my books.
  9. Listening to anything but music: I find that I just count the minutes when I listen to music. I know how long each song is and it just plays on my mind. Training for and during my half marathon I listened to the podcast Serial (omg so good) and it made SUCH a difference. I felt like I could run for ages!
  10. I run because I can: There is no right or wrong way to run. No matter how many scientists tell you otherwise. There are a million techniques, but the only one that really matters is the one you do. So if you heel strike or not, or if you flap your arms around like a child…that’s cool baby, it’s all you!

So, Brutal is now six days away *gulp* and honestly I’m not ready at all. But, what I am ready for is giving it my all with the girls….and then drinking our body weight in wine afterwards (because restocking fluids is very very important….)

We can so do this!



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