WeTrain – Brutal 10 Challenge

WeWine are running the Brutal 10 in 10 days time!

A delightful little jaunt through mud, rivers and bogs.

So to get into the spirit we’re going to be doing a series of posts as we whip back into shape….in 10 days.

Now we can probably all agree that winter is not the best time to run; squelchy leaves, deceptive puddles and mud that conspires with gravity.

But this evening I headed out with my puppy for a nighttime training sesh. Now it’s pitch black when I get home from work these days, so I did what any sane women would do – I put glow sticks on my dog ….


For real….


He’s a pretty big dog and I didn’t want people taken by surprise by a ghostly beast bounding towards them; so I made him somewhat resemble a UFO instead….

I learnt a few things running in the dark:

  1. Never assume the ground is flat – this means running in an upwards prancing motion
  2. I definitely should have brought a torch/headlight
  3. I’m scared of the dark
  4. There will be many moments on a winter nighttime run when you’ll hear a squirrel and think it’s a murderer
  5. Obviously stick to well lit areas but if you have to head into the darkness, just run faster until you reach the light…really gun it. Run as though you’re about to be murdered by a squirrel
  6. You’ll probably fall in mud but don’t worry, it’s too dark for anyone to see you sprawled on your butt
  7. Just visualise the glorious bath and glass of wine you’ve got waiting for you at home, you’ll run faster
  8. Take a buddy – I took Tulio, but if you’re lucky enough to know a real life person that’s even better; nighttime murderers are less likely to strike two people


9. There’s nothing as satisfying as coming in from the cold and wet – but you have to get out to come back in!

10. I probably can’t do a Brutal 10… but I’ll sure give it a go!

Grey, Keren – over to you!!!



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