In 2012, I studied at the New York Film Academy and got to live in what I think is one of the most magical cities in the world. I also met people who would quickly become the types of friends that make it hard for me to remember a time when they weren’t in my life. It just feels like they’ve always been there!


The problem with studying abroad though, is that eventually the school year comes to an end, visas run out and suitcases must be packed.

Always trying to look at the positives though, the return to England just became the start of an exciting new challenge; Long Distance Friendships! A one-up on Long Distance Relationships already as you know your friends will always be there…and, you get excited if you hear stories of them hopping in to bed with someone else!

However, it’s not to say it’s all peachy all the time. Especially for me. I have a hard enough time not regularly seeing friends who live just a tube ride away from me. I miss them. ALL THE TIME. Maybe that makes me a bit of an intense friends, but hey, what can you do. So chuck in thousands of miles and multiple forms of transport (and not forgetting thousands of £’s too) and damn baby, it gets tough.

But, the good friendships are worth it. Not only do you get the added bonus of having multiple global homes to stay in, and new places to discover, but it means that those conversations, those visits, those emails, snapchats, texts and skypes all mean so much more.


And thank god for technology! When my mum was my age, her best friend lived in America (like mother like daughter hey?) and their way of communication was BY LETTER. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s not much I like more than receiving actual tangible post…but if that was the only way I could reach California, New York and Oregon then I’m quite sure I’d go a bit mental. It’s such a comfort knowing that my phone or skype or gchat or facetimes is right there at my immediate disposal. I still don’t entirely understand how phones work, so I’m still totally mind blown every time I facetime and the little face of my friend is whizzed through the atmosphere to appear on my screen. SERIOUSLY I DON’T GET IT.


But, with that immediacy also comes strains. Sometimes I forget, because everything is so instant, that timezones still exist. and 8am for me is silly o’clock in the morning across the pond. and that my very important gif of a dog rolling down the stairs maybe isn’t all that important for bleary eyes at 3am. (Who am I kidding, we all know it is.)

And then there’s the real stomach puncher – money! It’s one of the main reasons Long Distant Relationships fall apart and something that really is a pain for LDF’s. Because obviously we just all want to hang out all the time. But flying is expensive son! It’s not just a tube ride. So saving is required. Which sometimes takes the better half a year.

It basically takes a lot of meticulous planning. Gone are the days when you can just turn up at your friends front door and ask if they want to come and play. (Unless you have a private jet, in which case you’re sorted. And you know, if anyone with a PJ is reading this, feel free to hook me up…)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.10.44

Oh, but when you do get the see each other! Having to save for months, and then getting two or three or four weeks with your besties, running around an incredible city and having grilled mango on a rooftop at sunset, is, as those old mastercard ads would say…priceless.

There is nothing I like more than seeing my friends. Wherever they live. And LDF’s and CDF’s (Close Distance Friendships) are just as important.

It’s why I love what we’re doing here at wewine so much too! I get to see my girls on the reg, and see what they’re doing with their lives in the mean time on the blog. Perf!


I heard a thing once saying that you know you’re good friends with someone when you can go into their house and open up their fridge without asking. So my pals, come on over, the wine is so ready…



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