you’re a little munchkin

So tomorrow is the big day! We hope you’ve got your wewine weiners and strawb ghosts at the ready. Maybe you’re already covered in ghoulish facepaints too. BUT, have you carved out a jack o’lantern and stuck it on your doorstep? BECAUSE WE HAVE! (okay okay, we did…but then they grew fur. They don’t call them monster ‘kins for nothin)

But hey, we’re really excited to share our creations with you! And we’re pretty damn impressed that there were no real casualties, especially with the copious amount of wine we had…*side note, turns out prosecco is perf for pumps.

Anyway, watch our little video below and then please head on over to our instagram to judge our final ‘kins and let us know who you think deserves to be crowned the pumpkin king.

Thanks ❤



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  1. Great video. Can’t choose between the ‘kins, they’re all great.


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