WeWine’s Wicked Wieners

What are the two most Halloweeny things you can think of?!

…. If you didn’t say sausages & Egyptian mummies then you’ve probably come to the wrong blog. Because I’m about to show you how to make, drumrollplease…. Egyptian mummy Halloween sausages!!! Yes that’s a thing.

You will need:

Puff pastry – you can make this easy or hard for yourself, we’re pretty lazy at WeWine so we bought ready roll.

Sausages – franks, bangers, brat, it really doesn’t matter what sausages you go for, we went for delicious chipolatas because of the length and width (conducive to a mummy)


Note that we went for brand items, taste the difference no less, because we’re fancy AF.


We were pretty excited about the puff situation.

Step one

Slice that puff! Through trial and error we figured out that about a fingers width lengthways is a good rule of thumb. If you’re not using ready roll pastry I’d say the length is that of a forearm… NB. All anatomical measurements are only useful if you have exactly the same width fingers and forearms as me, I mean I’m just trusting you’ll figure this out.


Step two

Get yer saus out!!


Step three

Mummify those hogs!

Overlap the pastry to create that just-embalmed bandage effect…


They’re pretty adorable for pastry wrapped sausages!


Pro-tip – leave a little gap at the tops so you can add in eyes later!


Repeat this process until you’ve done all your sausages & they all look equally as cute… Or should I say terrifying!!! Yeh see that creepy lil pumpkin creepin in the corner… It’s actually called a Munchkin. I mean seriously everytime we try to do something scary it ends up cute!!


Step four

Cook those mothers!!

Gas mark 200 for about 20-25 minutes. If you have a fan assisted oven I can’t help you, but I’m guessing… less time?


Step five

Once cooked attempt to put eyes into your little mummy faces, you can use BBQ, brown sauce or even sliced olives or little pickle rounds! We used ketchup..because that’s all we had. We also used a chopstick because I got excited in my first attempt and shot ketchup all over the little guys face……


So I’ll just leave this image here….


Step six

Marvel at your incredible Halloween creativity and unparalleled skill


Hahaha. The day we do one of these challenges without wine in us, is the day we succeed!!

….but how boring would that be!



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  1. Love them!

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