Scary Sweets and Halloween Treats: Strawberry Ghosts

Hi We Winers!

Welcome to Halloween Week here at We Wine HQ! I bet you’ve got all your baked treats at the ready for Saturday, but here’s an easy one to add to the Halloween Bake Off….

We Wine’s Strawberry Ghosts

You will need the following:

Strawberries – nice juicy ones!

Chocolate Chips – the smaller the better.

White Chocolate – one cooking bar goes a long way!

A glass of wine – sparkling if you have it 😄 … (&when we say a glass, we mean a bottle)

Now for the scary stuff

Melt your chocolate to this consistency:

photo 3

Drink your pre-prepared glass of wine.

Dip your strawberry…

photo 1 (1)

Place it on your serving plate allowing a little drip of chocolate for the ghostly tail – casper style.

photo 4
Drink some more bubbles…

Let it set a little…

photo 5
Use the chocolate chips to make the Ghosts eyes (& maybe a mouth)


photo 2 (2)
Let it set some more – you must be vigilant of wandering mouths during this part…


Now eat them all at once with all the prosecco/cava/champagne you have in your house… at least, that’s what we did..



In case you were wondering, the bottom ghosts look like that on purpose, they are our mutant ghosts – we absolutely, definitely didn’t screw them up… definitely not.


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