Cumin, Copper and Gold

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M. Montgomery,

Anne of Green Gables

If you’re anything like me, you’ve only just realised it’s now Autumn and are madly trying to capture the last of the colours of fall on your camera before they’re all a smoosh of muddiness carpeting the streets of Winchester….

Autumn We WineWe Wine AutumnNot great for dodgy cyclists like me bound to skid straight off the road (not whilst wielding a camera of course).

Autumn Leave We WineCNV00082

So your tan has faded, your ASDA flip-flops are trashed and there’s a whole list of Summer plans which you didn’t quite get round to….(!) Summer 2015 is officially over and you’re now ready to admit defeat on that trip to the beach you promised your other half (sorry A-Bear!).

I know, I know – not everyone is as super delayed on these things as I am.


But it’s important not to miss out on the most spectacular month of the season, and there’s still time! What’s more, there is a world out there of colour just waiting for you to WEAR it!!

Autumn Fashion Blog

This Autumn 2015, it’s all about Autumn spices – Cumin, Saffron, Mustard Seed. Every high street store is urging you wear the season!

I’m probably the most impressionable one of the three of us we winers; which makes me an appallingly good consumer. Take this, for example – went to New Look for a black skirt and a grey dress the other week…… spent over £100 on everything BUT!

New Look Suede Skirt Autumn

This adorable skirt may not be the black skirt I was after… but it looks and feels great! And bonus – it comes in a fabulous suede material (just as well I’ve had a career change because I would be OUT of that legal office – what manager has a suede phobia??).

Lack of a black work skirt aside, I’m pretty happy with my buys! My only qualm is, New Look what were you thinking with this one?

Fashion We Wine Autumn

Such a beauty, but what a pain in the a***. Literally! I mean, brushed wool without an inner lining??

Oh how I wish I could have kept you … But ‘suffer’ and ‘beauty’ should never go hand in hand people!

(Unless we’re talking hair removal; then it’s a necessity.)

Rust skirt for the win!

Rust Skirt We WineRust is this season’s number one red…. both in fashion and on film. So get going and make the most of October’s spice!

Pitlochry We Wine


So get out there and wear those Autumn spices, capture that October moment and get on that Pre-Winter Wander. October is the month for adventuring!


And don’t forget it’s halloween this month… GreyBear has got an excellent blog just for you! Here’s a creepy Autumn Haunted House to get you in the mood…


Happy October guys!


Love Kerenie x


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  1. Yes – enjoy autumn while it’s here! Love those button through suede skirts – used to have one……. in 1969! Not sure it would look quite so good on me now.


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