DIW-ine Guestbooking

There were so many traditions I didn’t really get when I was planning my wedding, having a guestbook was one of them; what do you do with it when the day’s over…display on your hallway table like you live in a fancy hotel? (although if you have a hallway table you might as well be)

So I was never going to do a book, it seemed outdated and old-fashioned.

I did however find this – which I did like, cute right? The price? not so cute.

So I hatched a plan, after all, all you need is a shadow box and some wood!

I used the Ikea white Ribba frame, a snip at £9! and bought a wooden heart reduced in Sainsburys for £2 – you could really use anything for the centre, I had big plans to add a personalised embossed central piece, but turns out I’m pretty lazy so…

frameRibba frame with heart superglued in the centre.

Only picture of it in place on the day (haven’t got profesh photos back yet!)…as you can see by the wonky sign, the day was pretty laid-back. I laid out little branch slices in front and provided a box for guests to pop them in once they had signed.

Step One:

photo 2
remove the back – you’ll be working in the high sided glass section

Step Two:

these little birch cross sections were laid out for guests to sign in place of a book, so simple to do – I found the branch on a dog walk *pro tip – slice it up well in advance of using, so it has a chance to dry out completely, nobody likes mouldy wood* & sawed it up myself, if you’re really lucky this is something you can rope a Fiance/e in to do, or do it yourself and reap the arm workout rewards.

I sawed 100 little rounds for each guest invited, ONE HUNDRED. Don’t do this! as people can and will sign as a couple or a family, save your arms!

Step Three:

arrange in place, or in my case don’t arrange at all! As you can see some rounds had messages written on both sides. On a couple, each side was from a different person. This is a good test for deciding which of your friends you really prefer….

Step Four:

find cute messages from dearest friends and reminisce about getting hitched *pro tip – drink wine whilst doing this, my favourite wine&reminisce pairing is malbec&memories*

Step Five:

put the back on again & realise you should have spent more time arranging prettily & also realise you are too lazy to change this.
I found I had a bunch of spare rounds left over and am keeping them for when I see people who didn’t sign – there’s no escaping my DIWine!!

Step Six:

Acceptance. I love how this turned out mainly because it means I can see all the lovely messages and wishes everyday, also it wasn’t £300, so that’s a plus.

Things I’ve learnt:

  • Make your wood rounds thin y’all – not so thin that they slide over each other, but thin enough that the ‘guestbook’ isn’t heavy as all hell.
  • Provide pretty pens – I left out white, gold and black pens, everyone went for black, which I don’t mind! But if you have a colour scheme, co-ordinating gel pens are your friend!
  • Stamp it up – providing little stamps alongside pens gives little ones an easy way to get involved (parents can write names on the reverse)
  • Someone will draw a penis – & I will include it.

What did you guys use for a guestbook? LMK in the comments below!


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  1. That is so gorgeous! I want to get married again 🙂 To CLIVE …OBVIOUSLY !!!!


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