It’s all fun and games…

A short while ago, my wonderful friend Jane (@pawfectpaws_hackney on Instagram for all your daily dog needs) invited me to a ‘happiness workshop’ with her and her boyfriend George (@georgelavender22). I was actually having a bit of a rough time, unbeknownst to her, so I saw this as a sign. This was the answer! So I did a bit of research and it said it would be a relaxation kind of workshop, with a bit of yoga involved. That sounded perfect. And, it was being held at Shoreditch House. Double perfect!

The morning of, which happened to be the morning after our very own Shay’s hen do, I was severely hungover (her hen do is an entirely different story altogether) and oh so not prepared for the reality of what was to come.

When we got to the room (shabby big space with mismatched furniture and lots of bookcases, aka, heaven) we sat down with our complimentary mint tea (oo la la) and it was then that I suddenly got that crippling-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach fear. I turned to Jane and George and said “I just had the weirdest feeling that this is actually going to be laughter yoga…”

Now this is a phenomenon I’d read about relatively recently and told myself I would never ever do because it sounded like my absolute nightmare; being confined in a room of strangers, making ridiculous noises, drawing attention to yourself and stretching…all at the same time.

And of course, that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

Over the course of the next hour and a half we waddled around the room as penguins, had (invisible) showers, picked apples from imaginary trees and introduced ourselves multiple times to every single person in the room…all while laughing forcibly. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life.

I won’t fault it completely though. At one point I was in pure hysterical laughter. Whether that was because I had actually really relaxed or I was still drunk I will never quite be sure. But, for that moment, I did feel awesome. I did feel really happy.

I suppose it’s all about getting our of your comfort zones isn’t it. Maybe it’s a British thing, but I can tell you for certain that every single person in that room (aside from the instructor) felt horrified, self conscious and embarrassed for the most part. Especially when, at the end, we were all told to lie on the floor with our head in someone else’s lap.

But that’s the thing. We were all there. We were all curious. We all obviously wanted some sort of change, whether it was for the bigger picture or just the afternoon.

And without pushing ourselves, we never get there, right?

It’s definitely not something I’m going to do again. Once was certainly enough. But, how about we all start breaking our own rules a bit this week? I’ll do something scary if you do? Go on, I dare you.

And until next time…VERY GOOD VERY GOOD VERY GOOD YAY!! (yeah…we had to shout that after every exercise we did…oh god…)



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